I saw this documentary at SXSW a couple of years ago, and it was phenomenal. Really well done. Watch it on Netflix, and experience new a respect and sense of awe for this crew. What they did was incredible.

Nick Sand (the Orange Sunshine chemist) just died the other day and this article had a fascinating quote from Nick.

“When I began to navigate psychospace with LSD, I realized that before we were conscious, seemingly self-propelled human beings, many tapes and corridors had been created in our minds and reflexes which were not of our own making. These patterns and tapes laid down in our consciousness are walled off from each other. I see it as a vast labyrinth with high walls sealing off the many directives created by our personal history.

Many of these directives are contradictory. The coexistence of these contradictory programs is what we call inner conflict. This conflict causes us to constantly check ourselves while we are caught in the opposition of polarity. Another metaphor would be like a computer with many programs running simultaneously. The more programs that are running, the slower the computer functions. This is a problem then. With all the programs running that are demanded of our consciousness in this modern world, we have problems finding deep integration.

To complicate matters, the programs are reinforced by fear. Fear separates, love integrates. We find ourselves drawn to love and unity, but afraid to make the leap. What I found to be the genius of LSD is that it really gets you high, higher than the programs, higher than the walls that mask and blind one to the energy destroying presence of many contradictory but hidden programs. When LSD is used intentionally it enables you to see all the tracks laid down, to explore each one intensely. It also allows you to see the many parallel and redundant programs as well as the contradictory ones.

It allows you to see the underlying unity of all opposites in the magic play of existence. This allows you to edit these programs and recreate superior programs that give you the insight to shake loose the restrictions and conflicts programmed into each one of us by our parents, our religion, our early education, and by society as a whole.”

I’ve personally never done LSD, but it’s descriptions like this that really pique the ol’ curiosity. And if I ever did, I’d need a time machine first to go back and get some of this Orange Sunshine.

This is my favorite TED talk ever. I love the message of this so much.

“We hate to do it, but we have to follow procedure”

Nothing infuriates me more than the blind substitution of rule following in place of common sense and logic.

[rules] like these are insurance policies against disaster. And they prevent disaster. But what they ensure in its place is mediocrity.

That is the mistake that many environmentalists make: when talking to Republicans and conservatives about solar and about clean energy, they lead off with climate change. That is the wrong message. If you deliver the message of energy freedom, energy choice, competition, national security, innovation, all of sudden you’ll have a receptive audience. They will listen to you. If you lead off with climate change, they won’t pay a bit of attention to anything you say. They’ve been brainwashed for decades in believing that we’re not damaging the environment.

You need a “Shultz Hour”.

The science of the mind is clear about this point. Our brains can be in either “task-positive” or “task-negative” mode, but not both at once. Our brain benefits from spending time in each state.

Task-positive mode allows us to accomplish something in the moment. Task-negative mode is more colloquially known as daydreaming, and, as Daniel J. Levitin of McGill University has written, it “is responsible for our moments of greatest creativity and insight, when we’re able to solve problems that previously seemed unsolvable.”

This is real. This is a real product. Investors poured money into this, because they wanted it to be real. They wanted a $400 product that squeezes a bag of juice (and inexplicably requires wifi and your phone) to be real.

We have passed peak app. We are in a bubble.

Shoutout to anyone who’s been on the losing end of the following conversation, that likely happened at uber countless times.

🤴: We came up with an ethically questionable idea that will help us increase profits.

👱‍♀️: We shouldn’t do that. That is ethically questionable.

🤴: It’s going to make us more money.

👱‍♀️: But we’d be doing a shitty thing. It’s a shitty thing to do.

🤴: So much more money, though.

👱‍♀️: But it’s bad. Don’t we care about the peopl—

🤴: Do you like getting paid? This is a business! We have to make [more and more and more and more and more] money.

Where’s the line? Where are the companies that willingly take a hit financially because it’s the right thing to do? Where’s the app that values the human experience as much as their bottom line?

Lets hold them up, because I’m sure they’re under-appreciated, and they should be applauded for taking the harder road.

Lamar Smith is a real douche canoe, it turns out. I was a little checked out of local/regional politics before this year, but now I’m on the case.

Who knew that it was so easy to get a hold of Lamar Smith’s office on the phone? Who knew I was living in a crazy gerrymandered district with this evil douche supposedly representing me?

Climate change denier, sponsor of big anti-privacy bills, in the pocket of Trump & Co, and the dude won’t even show up to a townhall because he knows his constituents have some things to say. This guy has to go.